Content Highlights of 2020


Do you like digging into some data? I do, and I just had a look at last year’s analytics data of my blog and social media. I proudly present to you my content highlights of 2020!

Top 5 Most Viewed Articles

Entity-Relationship diagram for Data Views in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The most viewed page on my blog is the entity-relationship diagram I created to help you (and also myself) out when connecting multiple data views is necessary. I just love the overview it gives you on how the data connects and what possibilities you have with the available data.

Fun fact: the article even has more views than my blog’s home page!

Check out the diagram, put it to some good use and connect that data!

How to sync email address changes from Sales/Service Cloud to All Subscribers list in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

To ensure mail is delivered to the correct address, it is a great idea to sync changed addresses from your data sources to the all subscribers list. To help you do so, I described an automation flow that does just that back in 2017. Still, it is one of the most viewed articles on my blog!

If you haven’t done so already, check it out!

Even though not in the top 5, I highly suggest you read the additional enhancement to this process, that also resets the bounce status for subscribers who changed their email address: Re-activate subscribers after an email change

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Tools (Chrome Extension)

Sometimes additional information in Marketing Cloud would come in handy, right? Do you use workarounds like inspecting the requests in the background or looking at the page’s HTML code? For some use cases you don’t need to do that anymore, just give the Google Chrome extension I developed a go! Let me know what you think and if there is anything else you’d like to see. As this project is open source, feel free to contribute!

Have a look at the features yourself and add it to your browser!

Abandoned Cart, Browse and Wishlist - Behavioral Triggers in Marketing Cloud

Last year it got a lot easier to reach customers who abandoned their cart or website visit! Salesforce introduced a new way to set up such campaigns by yourself. I asked my followers on LinkedIn and they also liked that feature the most, so I had an in-depth look at it and wrote an article that explains the prerequisites, setup process, what goes on behind the scenes and why it is even interesting if you already have abandonment triggers configured the oldfashioned way.

I received a lot of good feedback to that article and that is reflected in the analytics data as well.

Did you miss the article back then? Just check it out now!

Securing CloudPages with SSJS in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Security is always an important issue online and marketing applications are no exception to that! In marketing acting fast is often necessary to be successful, but that doesn’t mean security can be left behind. If you ever needed to secure access to a CloudPage, I’ve got two quick and easy ways for you, that make use of built-in SSJS functionalities: read on and secure your pages now!

Top 5 Highest Reach Social Media Posts

Paul’s story: Segmenting Data in Marketing Cloud

Segmenting data in a Marketing Automation context is essential. Enabling marketers to do so without involving the IT department or having to acquire extensive database knowledge themselves is key to successful marketing execution. I explained Paul’s journey on finding a suitable segmentation method using a slideshow. Follow in Paul’s footsteps and see which option is right for you:

Marketing Champions Welcome Kit

After I received a welcome kit including a Marketing Champions branded jacket and mug, I posted it on LinkedIn and received a lot of reach and engagement. Wonder what the welcome kit looked like? Head over to LinkedIn and find out.

Interesting fact: This was the post receiving the most reactions in 2020!

Entity-Relationship diagram for Data Views in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

My top viewed blog article also received quite some attention on LinkedIn.

Marketing Champions Class of 2020 Announcement

Being recognized as one of the Marketing Champions was definitely one of my personal highlights last year! It opened up a lot of opportunities for me, I got to meet a bunch of awesome people and it also led to some great panels/webinars I was able to be part of. You are curious about the post itself? Check it out:

Jane’s story: How to become a Markting Champion

Posting a picture of the Marketing Champions welcome kit triggered so many questions via email, direct message, etc. all asking what it takes to become a Marketing Champion. So I decided to tell the story of Jane on becoming one! Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Have a look and find out!