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Numerous personalization measures can be taken to meet the increasing demands of modern customers. However, in order to convey a consistent image across all channels and to be able to respond immediately to changes in the customer situation, a good toolbox is essential - especially if the goal is to create scalable solutions.

Article on the Salesforce DACH blog

I had the opportunity to publish my article on the official Salesforce blog for the DACH region. As I know, many of my readers don’t speak german, I prepared a translation to english for you below.

However, if you happen to be one of my german speaking readers, you might as well read the original publication “Ihr Werkzeugkasten für Hyperpersonaliserung” on the Salesforce blog for the DACH region.

English translation

Evolution in Marketing

Do you often receive promotional emails that are not customized to your situation? Perhaps even promoting a product that you have recently purchased? If so, you have probably received a newsletter addressed to a large group of recipients. Either without any personalization at all, or perhaps at least with a personalized salutation.

If you receive somewhat more accurate emails instead, for example adapted to your hometown and your favorite product category, then it can be assumed that at least a more refined segmentation of the target groups was performed. All of this still doesn’t sound special, but rather like today’s standard. Most companies are actually currently somewhere between the scenarios described.

What is meant by hyperpersonalization?

Hyperpersonalization is particularly targeted personalization that reacts to changes in the customer situation in real time on the basis of artificial intelligence and offers each customer an individual experience - regardless of the channel. What does such a personalized customer experience look like in practice?

Imagine you visit the online store of your favorite sporting goods manufacturer and look at equipment for hiking tours, but don’t buy anything for the time being. A short time later, you receive recommendations and further information about the products you are looking at via e-mail. The next time you visit one of the manufacturer’s stores, you receive a push notification right at the entrance with a voucher for all items in the “Hiking” category. You first look around, select a few hiking shoes and poles, but also spend some time in the running shoe department. At the checkout, you receive more recommendations from the salesperson based on the items advertised in your last email. After a few days, you visit the manufacturer’s online store again, and because of your visit to the running shoe department, you see this category directly on the home page. Of course, with recommendations of matching shoes in the exact colors of the recently purchased hiking gear. This is hyperpersonalization and at the same time an excellent customer experience!

Motivation and key figures

According to the “State of the Connected Customer” report, over 80% of consumers believe that the customer experience is just as important as a company’s products. More than half are even willing to spend more money for an excellent customer experience. If that’s not enough motivation to use hyperpersonalization to take the customer experience to the next level, the significant increases in customer retention and conversion rates that can be achieved while reducing costs are sure to be another incentive for companies.

Your toolbox for hyperpersonalization

To be able to create such a customer experience, you need the right tools! In the Salesforce ecosystem, Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Interaction Studio provides all the functionality you need to aggregate and analyze data from multiple sources, personalize your website in real time, drive intelligent marketing, and share valuable insights with sales and support reps who work in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. The necessary intelligence behind the scenes is provided by the seamless integration of Einstein - Salesforce’s artificial intelligence.

As a Salesforce Marketing Champion and consultant at ec4u - a Salesforce Partner specialized in topics around digitalization - it is important to me to help you, my customers and all Salesforce Trailblazers to enable this transformation of customer experiences and transform you into the “Digital Champion” of your customers. Through experience from numerous customer projects, I am convinced of the added value and positive effects of personalization and tailored communication and recommend that you also rely on scalable and targeted 1:1 communication and thereby increase customer loyalty and sales performance!

If I was able to catch your interest and you would like to learn more about the possibilities of hyperpersonalization with Interaction Studio and other ways to create a 360-degree view of your customers, then join me for the exciting presentations and interactive discussions at the “ec4u CRM Springcamp” - a free event on March 16 starting at 10:00 a.m. CET. Due to the ongoing challenges, of course, online, from the comfort of your desk. Register and be part of it. I am looking forward to your participation!